Big Valve_Honda GX 200 212 Clone Billet Head_Stage 1
Big Valve_Honda GX 200 212 Clone Billet Head_Stage 1
Big Valve_Honda GX 200 212 Clone Billet Head_Stage 1
Big Valve_Honda GX 200 212 Clone Billet Head_Stage 1

Big Valve_Honda GX 200 212 Clone Billet Head_Stage 1

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SBH_ Small Block Billet Head

In Stock_ Currently Available with ~1 Week Lead Time

The new big valve version is designed for builds with 2.8" bores and bigger (won't fit smaller bores).  It has both bigger valves and bigger, correctly sized, ports.  This head requires a larger intake than the std valve SBH.  It has an 18cc combustion chamber.

This head will help your big bore build reach its full potential!  Optimized for bottom end pull and big top end numbers.

Note: For smaller bore builds we still recommend our std SBH for it is matched to perform better in this application.  The port and and valve size give the best balance of performance with bottom end torque that is proven to win races.  Going with the bigger valve head will actually reduce on track performance in most applications that don't require the bigger valves and ports.

  1. Billet head
  2. .Valves, Springs, and Retainers
  3. O Ring Seals
  4. Head Bolts and Other Hardware
  5. 1.25:1 True Shaft Roller Rockers
  6. Intake and Exhaust Flanges

DED racing has taken its 20 years of air cooled cylinder head development experience and integrated it into our new billet Honda/Clone head.  Introducing the SBH designed to be an affordable replacement/upgrade for the stock cast head.  With its integrated rocker arms, superior flow and rigidity it offers performance and value that can't be matched by a cast head or even other billet heads.  It is designed to be a true bolt on product where the critical items are included so you don't have to search far and wide to get your project together.  This also allows us to ensure that things like rocker arm geometry is optimized and perfect.  ( Simply, More Powerful- means we offer products that make your sport more fun not more frustrating).


  • Fully CNC machined from a solid billet of aluminum
  • Made in the USA
  • 4 bolt flanges with silicone O-ring seals (no gaskets to worry about) superior seal
  • Offset intake valve to deshroud from cylinder wall (better flow)
  • Offset Rocker Billet Roller Rockers (to accommodate the offset valve location)
  • Shaft rockers are lighter than stud mounted and at least as rigid
  • The correct intake to exhaust valve size, smaller exhaust valves allows us to move the intake valve away from the cylinder wall
  • High velocity, correctly sized ports, peak power ~8750rpm with a flat long power curve.
  • Rockers made from 2024 material for its superior mechanical properties 
  • Rockers use  full compliment needle bearing pivot for minimal friction
  • Non Beryllium Copper Valve Seats (4 times the heat conduction of steel seats to remove heat from valves) (same material as cup car engines)
  • Premium Stainless Valves 1.35" Intake and 1.1" Exhaust
  • High Efficiency Combustion Chamber with 10mm spark plug to reduce distortion
  • Maximized cooling by use of many well placed fins to aid in reliability and power
  • High performance  manganese bronze valve guides
  • Competition Cams premium valves springs Included_Constructed from Pacaloy®
  • DED Billet 7075 light weight high strength retainers



    1. Valve Cover Spacer with Breather Bypass_Or #2 Required
    2. SVC Billet Valve Cover
    3. Already Cut to Length Chromoly Pushrods for 212cc Engine
    4. Cut to Length Chromoly Pushrods_ for custom applications
    5. Welded intake manifold_Straight, Curved (For flat mount) , 11 deg curved for 5 to 15deg motor mount
    6. Tillotson Carb Adaptor_ 1.125 (HL380 Bore Carb)
    7. Stud Mounting Kit
    8. Drilled Exhaust Bolts
    9. Calibrated 28mm Flat Slide Carburetor for Methanol
    10. Calibrated 28mm Flat Slide Carburetor for Gasoline
    11. Karting Exhaust Kit
    12. Carbon Fiber Blower Housing
    13. Replacement O rings


    • Billet Flywheel_Required
    • 1/4" Chromoly Pushrod_Required
    • Billet Connecting Rod_Required
    • High Performance Piston_ Highly Recommended
    • Run with at least 16 OZ of 4T Briggs and Stratton/Amsoil Oil
    • .310 or less lift Cam Shaft_with the 1.25" rockers this lift is optimal.-Bigger Cams waste torque and reduce the overall power output of the head.
    • 28mm Carburetor, or HL 380 series Tillotson style carb_  Intake ID is 1.125"
    • Methanol Fuel is highly recommended for its cooling and power effect.
    • Race Gas/Premium Mix_ 50/50% but, a 212 could probably run on 93 oct OK for drag racing applications where less heat is present.
    • Timing 30-32 on Gas  33-35 on Methanol

     MSRP $675

     Requires the use of a SFI approve Billet Flywheel!  Never use anything but an SFI billet flywheel with our engine products.

     This head is designed for sanction racing events only and must be installed by a qualified technician with knowledge of the sport you compete in.