O Ring Install Tool_ Block and Head_Clone and Animal
O Ring Install Tool_ Block and Head_Clone and Animal

O Ring Install Tool_ Block and Head_Clone and Animal

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A revolutionary tool for the air cooled engine market has arrived!  Our new O-ring tool can install O-ring grooves into the head and block of your Clone, Honda, and Animal (206) engine in minutes.   It is designed for easy set up, high precision and repeatability.

The processes of O-ring'ing the block is as follows.

First, you set the diameter of the groove you require and the depth stop for how deep you want the groove.  The tool is then bolted to the head or block and the cutter is spun with a 1/2" cordless drill.  The feed nut is turned in as the cutter is spun by the drill creating the groove.

Once the groove is created a steel wire (O-ring) can be installed into the groove. The tool helps make the wire for different size applications.  10 wire sets are included with the kit.

 In the component that doesn't get the steel ring (head or block) a groove can also be installed, called the receiver groove, for the steel ring to pinch the gasket into.  Because the ring sits up about .005 to .010" from the surface of the part it forces the gasket into this receiver groove when the head is torqued onto the engine locking the gasket in place.  Even with the high component deflection that we see in the air cooled racing engine world the gaskets seal is much better.

This tool can pay for itself in just two engines.  You can save a bundle on custom machine work.  You can add O-rings to the head and/or block to builds that historically wouldn't have them.  This makes for more reliable builds saving time and making money for the builders utilizing it.

The tool is driven by a 1/2" cordless drill.  Once set, it bolts onto the component and installs the groove in seconds.  Set up to use the dowels of both the Animal and Honda/Clone engines.

  • Replaceable Carbide Insert Cutter
  • Precision Machined in the USA!
  • .0005" Increments on the tool for making fine adjustments to the cut depth
  • Positive stop to set the depth of cut
  • Set up takes only minutes
  • Comes with 10 easy to bend O-ring wires
  • Includes mounting bolts for heads and blocks
  • Supports bore size 3.125"+
  • Includes hardware for both Animal and Clone engines