Engineering Support:

 Dynamic Engine Development LLC is designed around being an engineering partner for its customers.  DED LLC's primary function is to give design and manufacturing help to other businesses to help them succeed.   Because we deeply concentrate on design and manufacturing it allows are customers to concentrate on their business.  The relationships form a recipe for success.

We specialize,  but are not limited to, 4 cycle kart racing.  We have been in the industry for 20 years and have had an intimate relationship with the Briggs and Stratton Animal platform, including the 206, Animal, and World Formula.  We have designed and manufactured dozens of performance parts for this platforms.  We are a partner to some of the biggest name in the industry and even support the OEM in testing and development.  Our testing is second to none in the industry. Our ability to link the design with our testing capabilities is what sets us apart.




Dynamometer Testing:

We house a 200hp 10,000rpm small engine dyne.  Fully computerized, we have the ability to precisely monitor dozens of inputs to precisely locate problem or look for improvements.  We can run everything from verification testing  to endurance testing.  Typically our dyno time is spent verifying designs and concepts and reporting results.  We can test for, Ppower, temperatures, durability, A/F ratio, air and fuel flow, and many other inputs.  We can put this data into report and graphical form to relay our results to our customers.


Reverse Engineering:

Commonly, race engine parts are designed as a spinoff of an OEM part or must fit an OEM component.  For instance, billet cylinder heads must fit an OEM block.  We use our 3D CAD, CMM (computer measuring machine), 3d printer, and CNC probing to reverse engineer OEM components to create the racing counterpart.


3D Design:

We do 3D design using Solidworks Premium and Fusion 360 Professional. We can help our customers get through problems with their designs, do a complete project from scratch and anything in between.  We have been solid modeling for over  12 years and have extensive knowledge with using this tool to turn concepts into horsepower.


Flow Work:

We have spent years developing our flow bench to be optimized for the engines we work on.  We utilize computerized measuring and analyst to help give us an advantage.  We know that flow results are so much more than just raw CFM flow numbers. Much more data can be take off of the flow bench to help aid in perforance increases.  Our bench has been calibrated against a precision LFE bench to make sure we have accurate flow numbers not just numbers.


Custom Machining/Motor Work: 


CNC Machining: