Cut To Length Pushrod Kit
Cut To Length Pushrod Kit
Cut To Length Pushrod Kit
Cut To Length Pushrod Kit

Cut To Length Pushrod Kit

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Our cut to length pushrod kits are designed with quality and reliability in mind.   Our tips are made from hardened tool steel. Machined and heat treated in house so we can verify the quality.  100% USA MadeThe tips have small flats on them to keep from high contact stress's right at the tip of the ball; this moves the contact out to the radial edge where it is designed to be. The tubes are made from quality aircraft chromium-molybdenum tubing.  

To made install easier use our undersized ends to set the size of the pushrod before assembly.

To install the pushrod ends it is best to predrill the shaft with a #15 drill bit, deburr it lightly, then use a hammer with a soft face, copper or lead, to pound the end into the pushrod.  Pressing the ends in is not recommended for it is easy to bend the shafts.

Never overlook the importance of push rod stability to maximize power.  Weak pushrods don't transfer the cam motion efficiently to the valve.  This leave the engine with weak top end power or worse valve train failures.  The greater the spring pressure or more aggressive the cam, the more important this issue becomes.


  • Chromium-molybdenum tubing
  • Plenty of length for even tall deck engines
  • Heat treated tool steel tips
  • Tips have machined lead ins to help with installation
  • 1/4" Diameter with 3/16 Ball Ends
  • 6.3" tube length