Domed Animal Piston_10.5:1 Compression
Domed Animal Piston_10.5:1 Compression
Domed Animal Piston_10.5:1 Compression

Domed Animal Piston_10.5:1 Compression

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Developed along side Faster Motors LLC, we have created a piston than can generate high compression without milling down the head. 

Fully CNC'ed by Dynamic Engine Development out of an extremely tough aluminum and made right here in the USA.  This piston is designed to be a direct bolt on for the Animal or 206 engine using the std rod, rings and wrist pin.  We believe strongly in the bigger .625" wrist pin.  The .490" pin can be a point of failure in high output engines.  This piston is lighter than stock even with the added dome and nets 10.5:1 compression with stock bore and stoke.  It gives the effect of machining the head down considerably but without weakening the head and having to pay for the machine work.  Simply bolt it in and get big power gains over stock.

This piston has been extremely developed over the last two years.  Its true barrel shaped profile was designed on cad and finish on the the dyno.  We looked at what the engine really wanted unlike many pistons that are just developed from theory but have little testing done on them. Tested to extreme conditions, we failed many engines testing this piston but never a piston.  Both high RPM and high hour tested for reliability. We even tested it under induced detonation conditions.  Components failed around the piston but not a single piston failed.

Simply, More Powerful, because it is a direct bolt in that greatly enhances the performance of the Animal engine with no special machining required!

  • USA made! From USA Aluminum.
  • 100% CNC machined, "Billet" Piston
  • Barrel skirt profile designed around the engine requirements
  • High Oil Retension Skirt Texture
  • Utilizes Stock Rings, Wrist Pin, and Clips  (Briggs Rings are very high quality)
  • Direct Bolt in to a 206 or Animal engine.  No machining required, no special parts!
  • Tested to the Extreme!
  • Accumulator groove between first and second ring to reduce ring flutter at high rpm
  • Must stronger than most aftermarket pistons on the market today!
  • Recommended installation Clearance is .003-.005"  (.0035" Preferred)
This product is sold exclusivly through Faster Motors.  Contact Jim to get yours today.