Copper Animal Big Valve Seats
Non-Beryllium Copper Big Valve Animal Seats For Cast Head

Non-Beryllium Copper Big Valve Animal Seats For Cast Head

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Our valve seats are made from a very expensive, state of the art material used by many top racing teams in the industry.  Why?  Because it is superior to a steel material for racing applications

If there is anyone who needs a quality valve seat it is our industry!  We have to deal with extreme heat because of our air cooled platform.  We don't have the luxury of having very efficient water to pull heat out of our heads.  When we as much as triple the horsepower output of an engine through modifications the heat we have to deal with is increased greatly.  To help with reliability we have switched all our seats over to a product that is Non-Beryllium based copper alloy. (because Beryllium Copper is toxic to humans)  This comes with a financial cost, but it well worth it.  We get the benefits of the copper seats but not the safety concerns.   Simply, More Powerful- Because these seats machine so much easier than steel seats they achieving a good sealing valve job with little effort.

It is said that as much as 75%  of heat generated in the head of the valve is pulled out when the valve is on the seat.  This happens when the valve is closed and the heat is pulled out through the seat to the cooling system.  We add big cam shafts that reduce the time the valve has on the seat and that also increases the power which in turn increases the heat of the valve head even more.  Having a valve seat with high heat conductivity helps pull this deadly heat out of the valve.  A broken off valve head means your head and piston are shot, but maybe even your rod, crank and block. An extra $10 for premium valve seats is worth it!

  • High Heat Conductivity as much as 4 times greater than steel
  • Easy Machining, much easier to achieve a smooth good sealing valve job.
  • Super wear resistance,  extremely good at holding its shape
  • Machined with a 10 degree initial ID for greater flow and good transition to valve job.
  • CNC machined in the USA of USA born Materials
  • Titanium valve compatible,  Hardness in the Rc~30 range.
  • Recommended Press Fit to Head_.004-.006"