QPT_Top Plate Assembly Only
QPT_Top Plate Assembly Only
QPT_Top Plate Assembly Only

QPT_Top Plate Assembly Only

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The QPT allow for quick perfect tension with one simple turn of the wrist.  No lock down, it is all friction driven.  Simply turn the screw on the back of the mount to move the engine in extremely small increments to set the perfect tension.  That's it.  

The QPT adds a second dynamic that is just as helpful as having the perfect tension, it allows for gear changes without going under the kart.  With almost an inch of travel it allows for as many as 7 rear teeth changes with just the turn of your wrist.  Lowering your gear changing time to less than half.  Faster and better, isn't that what we all need.


  • Chain tension adjustments from the top, not going under the kart.
  • One, rear located, jack screw moves the motor.  That's it.
  • Perfectly set your tension, No compromises on how the motor mount moved when tightened.
  • Premium materials |  USA machined, with rolled threads
  • Hard coated to military specs, giving a surface hardness greater than hardened steel
  • Comes Mostly Assembled


  • Top engine Plate 
  • Lower Mounting Plate
  • Hardware and Adjusting Mechanism
Does not include clamps or uprights