Dynamic Engine Development LLC has been supporting the karting industry directly for over 10 years.  DED LLC specializes in engineering of performance parts for the 4 cycle market.  We set ourselves above the rest by striving to use technology to drive part designs.  With full engine testing and development capabilities, CNC machining  and 3D design capabilities we have the ability to design, test, and manufacture parts for our customers.
Our managers have been intimately involved in the development of the Animal, 206, and World Formula platform from their conception 20 years ago and still today.  Providing engineering support to both the OEM and distributors of the Briggs platform.  We would contest that over the years no one has done more dyno development testing on this platform than DED LLC.  We strive to use this knowledge to create a better experience for the kart racer and drive the sport forward.
Our primary business is working with dealers and distributors to create and manufacture 4 cycle engine parts for the racing industry.  We utilize our high level of engineering instruments to help our customers provide their racers with a superior product.  While engine builders are busy building engines to support the industry we are busy engineering products for the builders so they can enhance their customers experience.
Check out our Capabilities page to see what a partnership with DED LLC can offer your team.
Some of our current and past customers:
Briggs and Stratton Racing
Faster Motors
4 Cycle Central
EC Distributing
Valvoline Motor Oil
Baker Racing Engines
Intelligent Composites
Power by Perry
Bondurant Racing Schools
Recreational Motorsports
National Kart News
Sox RacingFourwerx Carbon